Moorlands Primary

Year 1

Skylarks and Swifts








3rd June 2019.

Today the children received a letter from Archie the Archaeologist. He has a friend called Susie, who doesn't believe that dinosaurs ever existed. Archie asked the children if they could help him prove that dinosaurs existed by finding out if anyone discovered any dinosaur fossils. We then learnt about Mary Anning a famous paleontologist  who became known around the world for the important finds she made in Jurassic marine fossil beds along the English Channel. After learning about Mary Anning and fossils, the children then became paleontologists and excavated dinosaur fossils from sand. The children used brushes to carefully clean off the sand and as a group put the fossils together to form a dinosaur. The children then worked together to identify which dinosaur they had made. 





 25th April 2019.

During the children's lunch-break, footprints mysteriously appeared in the Year 1 classrooms. The children were very excited when they saw them and all had their own ideas about who had made them. 

The children investigated the footprints looking for clues; they then drew a picture of what they thought had made the footprints and wrote their ideas! 

Latest news -Year 1 have been examining the parts left after an alien spaceship landed in the school grounds last night.

 Year 1 examined the evidence then wrote about their findings.