Moorlands Primary

YearYear 3

Finches and Wrens










We had a chance to learn about animals when a farm visited the school. We loved being so close and being able to touch them. The farmer talked to us about how to care for the animals, then we looked at their similarities and differences.

"It was fun because we got to stroke them. The hen was really soft," Ella S

"I learned that donkey's are a horse's cousin and that collars were put on the goats so you can see which family they are in," Reniah.




 On 22nd May, Wrens had a 'Bake-off' as their class reward. During the week before, they planned their cake flavours and decided ingredients. Then the group members had to decide on a design. As a group they worked out what each person would bring in.

On the day, each group made their cake mix and then once it had cooked and cooled they decorated the cake / cakes.

Finally the cakes were judged on design and taste by Mrs Charlesworth and Mrs Haley. All the cakes were tasty but the overall winner was covered in icing, chocolate buttons and malteesers which gave an unexpected explosion in the mouth. See the pictures below.


 Wren's loved learning about stoneage times during their stone age day. Activities included: recreating cave paintings (under tables), dressing up, examining 'stone age poo' to finding what might have been eaten and doing carvings.




Wrens had great fun solving the Mystery of the Easter bunny. A series of calculations helped eliminate suspects until the culprit was found.


 In our forensic science workshop we had to use clues (including footprints, DNA profiles and fibres) to work out who had committed the crime!