Moorlands Primary

Phonics Set 2 and 3

Children entering Set 2 will know the 31 sounds taught in Set 1 and will be able to blend and segment CVC, CCVC and CVCC words in order to read and write them.


In Set 2 we learn a further 12 phonemes most of which are made up of two letters. We will continue to practise blending and segmenting and will apply our knowledge to read and write simple sentences and captions:

ay May I play?
ee What can you see?
igh Fly high
ow Blow the snow
oo Poo at the zoo
oo Look at a book
ar Start the car
or Shut the door
air That’s not fair
ir Whirl and twirl
ou Shout it out
oy Toy for a boy  


In Set 3 we learn the remaining 24 phonemes and continue to practise blending and segmenting when reading and writing: 


Cup of tea

oi Spoil the boy
a_e Make a cake
e_e Pete the athlete
i_e Nice Smile
o_e Phone Home
u_e Huge Brute
aw Yawn at dawn
are Care and share

Nurse with a purse


Better letter


Brown Cow

ai Snail in the rain
oa Goat in a boat
ew Chew the stew
ire Pants on fire
ear Hear with your ear
ure Sure its pure
wh Which whip
ph Photograph of a dolphin
oe Joe's toe
au Paul the astronauht
ie Tie in a pie
ue My glue is blue

Whilst your child is writing encourage them to use the sounds they know to have a go at writing words. This may mean that words are spelt wrong but are phonetically plausible which, at this stage is great. For example, time may be spelt 'tighm'.